Trying to learn

So I wanted to try and do a small update whenever I finish one of my chapters (shameless self plug here). Unfortunately in trying to do so, I already missed one of my long term goals of publishing a chapter at the very least on each Monday, something I hope will not happen again. I considered too long for what I wanted to write here as well rather than just wanting to put something down to just express my feelings at that moment.

I realised after spending a couple of days thinking about an article on character perspectives that I didn’t want to give random pieces of advice or facts, nor did I want to delve into my writing style on my page here. Both would grow too stale for me to keep up with long term and, after all, this isn’t a website, it’s my own personal space on the internet. What I wanted to do with it was express what I was feeling at the time of publishing the chapter, whether it be elation at finishing it, dread at looking at what was to come, or just mild interest in a topic that had caught my eye recently.

So after all of that, what I wanted to talk about was my path in learning this site. I haven’t been on wordpress long, and as such I quite green about the ears when trying to make things work, so I want to add another goal of improving my sites at least once a week as well. This time it was a follow button, hopefully next time it will be links back and forward to try and make following the writing that I do a lot easier.

My main goal for the moment now, though, is working out how to link chapters together so that you only need one click at the end of a page to continue reading. I have an idea of a very cheap way to do this, but it will be a lot more hard work to do each and every week. Either way, though, this will be done before next week.

So with all that said and done, here’s hoping that I manage to put out more than one chapter this coming week, and I shall do my best to keep up with my new and old goals.


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