The world of Estrangia and beyond

So as promised in this post I will be talking about some of the lore behind Tales of Estrangia. Mind you most of this is coming off the top of my head as I write, but its purpose is as much to inform those reading as it is to help me develop the world, so there may be more posts of a similar vein later on. So onwards and upwards I guess.

The land of Estrangia and the continents around it can be considered more of an archipelago on a larger scale. Although what the characters call a continent in Estrangia is more of a large island, I estimate the size to be around the whole British Isles clumped together in a large mass of land. The other interesting part to me about it is the fact that it is all in the sky, with clouds of fog separating the islands. I haven’t yet completely decided on whether I want there to be land below the sky in the form of magma and an extra set of lifeforms down there as well, but I’ll figure it out when I get to it, at the moment it doesn’t impact too much.

What does impact Estrangia, though, are the people who live on the island and develop its culture. It is a land of stereotypes and those who are trying to break those bonds. The demi-humans of Estrangia valued strength above all, which was the main reason why they took the role of the leaders of the country. They developed the original culture for which the people were mostly nomads, hunter-gatherers as they traversed the desert landscape and moving from oasis to oasis. The music that they created was mostly percussion in which they used their strength to make music.

Then the first cultural revolution happened. The humans developed firearms which superseded even the demi-human’s superior strength and speed. They toppled the society which had held on for so long. And with that they brought new ideals. They settled on the oases and built up cities with walls to defend them from raiding bands of demi-humans that had lost their previous water holes. They tried to discover new heights of opulence to separate them from what they thought of as barbaric habits. This introduced new types of music, clothing, technology. New arts, new luxuries.

And then they found the extravagant maximum of opulence that they could manage. They made a floating city, above a floating island. They named it Haven and they took the highest ranking citizens that Estrangia had to offer to place them on the top of that floating castle.

They promote an ever-changing culture which continually devises new entertainments and luxuries for the citizens of Estrangia to enjoy. Those that they have decided to allow to, that is.

I think that is about it for the moment, but I will try to figure out more information to put out as long as it doesn’t spoil or make things too obvious. And as usual the story can be found here.


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