Events and Delays

So this is going to be a very short post, pretty much an update and an apology for the late post. While I have been trying to get multiple post out per week, there has been a hold up because I want to keep a couple in reserve so that if something does happen like what did two days ago, I can just put out a chapter worry free.

So, the event. As it turns out, I had my birthday two days ago, which was why I didn’t post on Monday. Unfortunately, I also tend to do the majority of work on the chapter on the day I put it out, so that also meant I did nearly nothing on that day due to celebrations, then on the next continued to do almost nothing, which was what led to today and making myself actually work on it rather than continuing with procrastinating.

So with that said, I’ll keep trying to build up a little bit of momentum and work on pumping out chapters. So I suppose that’s about it until next week.


And before I forget (chapter).


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