Getting back on track

Ho-boy, do I feel like just lying down. For some reason the past few days have just been absolutely exhausting, and I am incredibly tired. I finished the first arc of Tales of Estrangia, so I’m going to start working on the other idea that I had in order to give myself a slight break from it, though preparing for that one is even more exhausting mentally since I decided to write it from another character’s perspective, which means that I need to create interesting personalities for all of their companions rather than what they were before.

I love the story that they’re going to embark on to bits (I’ve had the idea for a while and have been wanting to begin writing it for a while) but I absolutely suck at thinking up names, so coming up with a new cast in a week is annoying to say the least. I know what I want the characters to be, but their small little traits still escape me slightly, so I’ve been trying my best to make a framework of what I want to happen and then fill it out with their mannerisms etc. later.

The other task that I am attempting to complete is to continue writing the dungeons and dragons campaign that I’m supposed to be DMing. I have one person who has yet to submit their character, but its looking to be a very interesting group of adventurers indeed. The only problem is that I let them have free reign on what they wanted to be, and so I’ve found myself utterly screwed in terms of judging how the combats are going to turn out.

The fun part about this campaign that I’m trying to do is to set it up to be a lot more of a skills focused game rather than combat focused. I think it would be very interesting to see them running around on wild goose chases as they try in vain to uncover a conspiracy about a cult. Considering what they have thought up, I believe it will be a very fun to see them running around the country side and just tearing the place up, causing chaos wherever they go. I’ll probably put updates on their travels here when there are occasions noteworthy of sharing, but I think this post may have done me for tonight. I’m suddenly feeling very eager to write the campaign now, so I’ll probably focus on that tonight.


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