New project

So I am continuing to work on the Dark City project, which is giving me a much needed mental break. Being able to just think of new ideas rather than continuing to look at what I have already is refreshing. I’m looking forward to exploring the interactions between the characters as they come into contact with each other, because this series has some of my all time favourites.

So, to introduce it. Essentially this story is about a world that has all of the villains without any of the heroes. As such, the general mindset of the population is to go with the flow and try to keep their head down. Some people attempt to do good, but with the momentum that the cause for evil has gained, the impact that they leave is little or not existent at all.

The main reason that evil has managed to take such a hold of the world is in no small thanks to the existence of supernatural forces that are commonly known in the world. Dark magics are in abundance, beings of the night stalk the living, either in packs or on their own.

Dark City follows the denizens of Moarton, some of the supernatural variety, some regular, and all trying to do their best to be their baddest. It is a collection of stories centring around them, but not necessarily following a specific person or group. The first one focuses on a mercenary group that are hunting a fragment of their past that continues to haunt them. I know I’m going to enjoy writing it heavily.


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