Busy Week

So the last week was a bit hectic. I got food poisoning a couple days after my last post, and then had to go to a wedding in what was supposed to be 39 degree heat. Luckily it wasn’t that hot and the service was pretty short. All in all it was a pretty pleasant evening, and it was good to catch up with family that I haven’t seen in a while.

After that, I tried to get some more writing and editing done during the week, but since it was just out of holidays, the place that I volunteer at needed some extra help. I only took up a few more hours, but it seemed to be enough to drive a bit of the motivation out of me. In any case, I’m trying to recover a little bit, and I think I’ve found my answer.

Before, I said that music is one of my driving inspirations. I’ve found that quite often I have a sort of iconic song for certain stories. I’ve found one for Dark City, and I have one for Emolument, but so far I don’t really have a set one for Tales of Estrangia, and it’s kind of hurting my progress there. I don’t want it to end up in aimless rambling, so I might take a little break from it and actually finish Emolument rather than switching at the end of each part.

I’m actually pretty excited to continue it. The story has been a favourite of mine for a while, and I’ve enjoyed thinking up not only the characters, but the world behind them as well. I’m thinking of having a post every now and then trying to explain some of the elements of the world that might not pertain to the story, but small little tidbits that I’ve found interesting and want to convey.

I think that might be it for the moment. I’ve gotten two chapters finished this week, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to get a third about, but you never know.  I’ll most likely post the next one on Monday, though.


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