So after doing this for a while, I have decided to take a small break. It wasn’t something bad, and I learned a lot through it, I believe, however it feels like a commitment to me. I know that realistically it isn’t, after all, it was a choice I made, and I’m just as easily stopping it. Somehow I think that the commitment that I feel is from my desire to write these stories and post them, and because of that commitment I start to feel that I have to want to do something and then I start to lose motivation over it.

It’s such a weird and frustrating feeling since it’s not a writer’s block, there is just a feeling of pure lethargy whenever I think about trying to continue writing. I really hope to be able to come back to this in the future since I do feel that I can progress more, and I want to further these stories, but I will just stop to recharge my batteries and jump start my desire to write the stories without the same feeling of commitment.

Aside from that, my time has also been further taken away by my return to studies at university, and the fact that the mantle of DM ┬áhas been passed down to me in our dungeons and dragons group. So I have found myself searching for time more often than not. I’ve been thinking of doing a Hexcrawler, and while I’m not so familiar with the term, I’m using it in the sense that the players have a map that they can use to explore the world and find adventure out in the wild rather than being set on a story. While this means a lot more work for me in the start since I have to set everything up, I’m hoping that once I’ve put down some satisfactory random event tables then I can just keep generating the adventure in front of them.

As like always, I have set up a weird experiment that will most likely blow up in my face, but I’m hoping for the small amount of time that it holds up it will be fun for the players. They’ve found the setting to be a little bit interesting; a world that is only 100 years old without much of a culture. What I’m hoping from this is that they might influence the world is some small ways that will ripple into quite big changes and just immerse them into this world that not only have I created, but they have shaped.

Well, I hope to post on here again. I will probably finish off the last aftermath from Tales of Estrangia and take my break from there. I am thankful that I was able to explore my writing on this platform, and I look forward to my return on it.