After the Break

So I almost didn’t get to post anything today. After over a week with no internet, I came back from our time away from home to not be able to establish a connection to the wordpress servers in order to be able to publish the chapter I was trying to upload. Luckily it somehow fixed itself as evidenced.

So apart from that, I had a pretty good time while away. It was nice to just hang out with my family and not worry about anything. I went crabbing with my father at one point which was pretty fun, you know, aside from the small critters running through the sand clouds and snipping at you on the way past. Still though, I enjoyed myself and it we managed to get a lot more than we have in the past.

On the writing front I managed to get quite a bit done. I think I finished around six off the top of my head during my time away. Pretty successful if I do say so myself. Only problem was that I was a little inhibited by the inability to use the internet. See I usually struggle with creating names for characters, places etc. So one technique that I use is taking a language that I imagine the character stemming from, taking a word which I associate with them and then twist it so that it sounds believable as a name. That was how I came up with names for a couple of the three Fire Pillar members, Igrein and Niselt stemmed from Igneous if I remember.

So, deprived of google translate, I wasn’t too eager to write a chapter in the perspective of someone who I didn’t have a name for yet, but now that I’m back I hope to be able to get that back on track soon enough.